Hi there, I’m Sanchit, and I’m a brand and marketing consultant in Mumbai, helping startups and brands overcome sales, marketing, branding, leads, communication, digital, and PR challenges with the help of strategy.

I’ve helped a few of the top brands in India with their digital and traditional marketing needs, and many others across tech, banking, CSR, and consumer brands (Godrej, ICICI, Tata Capital, DDecor, Texas Instruments, XPrize), generating multi-crore revenue pipelines.

Consulting on a project-to-project basis and on 30 day retainers with brands and startups.

What’s your big idea, and what kind of brand do you envision? What marketing challenge have you been working on and not able to crack effectively? What’s the source of your leaky sales bucket? How would you like to optimize PR and Digital through branding?

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